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6.5 CREEDMOOR Full Length Sizing Die

Redding Dies are produced under strict manufacturing processes to ensure the absolute highest quality die possible. Full length dies serve two functions. First, they size the entire length of the...
Hunting & ShootingRedding Reloading

#1 Shellholder

The Redding E-Z Feed Shellholders are unique, because they feature a tapered design that makes case insertion easier than ever. Additionally, these shellholders are precision-machined to very close tolerances to...
Hunting & ShootingRedding Reloading


REDDING NECK SIZING BUSHING STORAGE BOX The Redding Neck Sizer Die Bushing Storage box provides handy storage for up to 15 Neck Sizing Bushings in individual molded spaces. FEATURES: -...
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Redding Imperial Sizing Die Wax

Redding brand of Imperial Sizing Die Wax The original non-liquid sizing die lube is now available from Redding True to the original LeClear product of the 70’s – green in...
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Small Universal Decapping Die

Deprimes case only This die will work for calibers listed with a case length up to 2. Use rod (product number 265948) with this die to deprime 17 to 20...
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300 Blackout Full Length Die Set

The Redding 2-Die Set contains a full length sizing die with decapping rod assembly with a neck expander and seating die with bullet guide, built-in crimping ring and seating plug....
Hunting & ShootingNew Products

6.5 CREEDMOOR Type S Full Die

The REDDING 6.5mm Creedmoor Type S Bushing Full Sizing Die (77446) sizes the entire case while maintaining exact control of the case neck. It uses the same interchangeable bushings (sold...
Hunting & ShootingRedding Reloading

223 Remington Small Base Body Die

Redding Small Base Body Dies were designed to full length resize the case body and bump the shoulder without disturbing the case neck. The Small Base Body Dies are for...
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