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PURPOSE: The FGX-648 (where X = antenna length in feet) series, 'No ground plane" (NGP) CB antenna kits were specifically designed to solve the problems associated with the lack of ground plane. This normally occurs on vehicles constructed of plastic, fiberglass, wood or aluminum. Ground plane problems typically show up in the form of high standing wave ratio (SWR) and poor performance. The isolated ground plane that is built into the FGX-648 series kits can also eliminate problems on metal base vehicles that lack the sufficient ground plane for proper operation. COMPONENT INFORMATION: ANTENNA: The antennas used in these kits is altered in order to maintain a desirable center band position when used with the tuned coaxial feedline. Accordingly, these antennas may only be used with the Firestik NGP cable. The antenna used in these kits have our patented "no tools required" tunable tip for fast and easy SWR adjustments. The rated wattage for these kits is 100 watts. COAXIAL FEEDLINE: The seventeen-foot (5.2 M) coaxial cable used in these kits is of the highest quality. We use a multi-wire stranded center conductor to the prevent breakage that can occur with solid center conductor cable. The coaxial feedline serves as a tuned circuit that creates the necessary counterpoise. If a longer cable length is required, the user may add standard RG-58 A/U cable between the radio and system cable, preferably in lengths that are multiples of nine feet. Because it is a tuned circuit, the length cannot be reduced without causing non-repairable damage. MOUNT, SPRING AND HARDWARE: To compliment the quality of the antenna and feedline, the mount used in these kits is our stainless steel, 3-way 90° angle mount. A stainless steel spring with machined brass ends acts as the coupling between the antenna and the feedline. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Each kit includes a FREE microphone hanger.

  • 3 Way Mount, 100 Watts Power Rating, 28 Inches Length
  • Frequency Range 26-30MHz, Top Load Position, Fiberglass Antenna
  • Core material is a 3/8-inch (0.375" or 10mm) diameter reinforced plastic (fiberglass)
  • Chrome plated machine brass mounting base has standard 3/8"-24 threads
  • Covered with a static reducing, heavy PVC shrink tubing with both pigment and UV stabilizers mixed in
  • FireStik FG4648-B Four Foot No-Ground Plane CB Antenna Kit, Black, 3 Way Mount, 100 Watts Power Rating, 28 Inches Length, Frequency Range 26-30MHz, Top Load Position, Fiberglass Antenna

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