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Hunting & Shooting
Predator Tactics
  • The Coyote Reaper Howler by Predator Tactics is an Open Reed Coyote Howler Call that produces very realistic coyote howls and other coyote vocalizations.
  • The Coyote Reaper Howler has a lot of volume and will rival the reach of the electronic game calls.
  • With a little practice you’ll be able to create very lifelike coyote vocalizations ranging from interrogation howls, Long Howls, female whimpers, Ki-Yi, Yips, Whines and even fawn distress.
  • This Coyote Howler is a premium predator call that flat out performs in field and maximize your chances at successful results while calling coyotes.
  • Coyote Reaper Howler - Coyote Howler Predator Call

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